Tuesday, June 1, 2010

KingCast reminder: Racist Jason Vassell case will probably conclude tomorrow.

UPDATE: KingCast field correspondents report that they came through the pouring rain but they will have to come back again, and when they come back on Friday, I may be with them. It is the constant and unrelenting coverage of this case that was initiated and maintained by Justice for Jason and followed with even more hard core raw video and dozens of pictures of concerned citizens holding puppies and raising hands from KingCast.net that has the racist white prosecutor Elizabeth Scheibel on her heels, viva the First Amendment, viva the Fourth Estate. I've been through this before folks, run a search for "Dunn" or "Albrecht" or "Jaffrey" on this blog.
Funny, some tool wrote in to tell me what I already knew, which is that Jason Vassell may plead guilty to some reduced charge tomorrow, after the racist white prosecutor Elizabeth Scheibel threw the book at him for defending himself with a work knife after two drunken white boys broke his window, taunted him with "nigger" threats and rushed into the foyer of his dorm room and broke his nose.

Now run along son and go on back and throw some beer on a "cunt" or "bitch" or whatever you call your women. And let me make this clear to you, punk: You come up on me like those boys did to Jason Vassell and you'll get more than cut fool, I'll show you the purpose of a hearse.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

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