Monday, June 21, 2010

KingCast says the Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association racist/anti-Semitic case boils down to a question of Faith.

New KingCast short film late tonight :) LOADED.
You saw the video. Now you see some stills pending this evening's video. On being told that Bren Ladino purports to be half Jewish, Plaintiff Hyman said "Yes, I question her Faith."

Defense counsel wrote it down, everybody wrote it down because his delivery was sincere.

At break, Defendants and their counsel were busy watching KingCast, I grabbed an uber-quick, blurry image, what a hoot. Meanwhile Plaintiff's side is not worried about any of it, they are giving and getting hugs and love.

The Defense strategy thus far was chiefly to:
a) Raise a letter written at the behest of Plainitiff's bank about total loss and fire, as if he had plans to burn down his second property or someone committed arson.
b) Claim that he has honored a Germanic flag, to which he explained that it was a shared symbol by several professional motorcycle builders that "we were into choppers."
c) Beat up on the witnesses, which at once failed and curried no favor among the Jury.

Scott Hyman is a Good Guy, and the ADL should support him in this case. So he got mad once and said something that resulted in a mutual stay away order with Bren Ladino, after what he's been through, Big Whup. Look at the love in that extended almost-family group in the hugs, got that on video and you can feel it. And you also know that part of the reason Scott and Marcia broke up was because of this added stress, but you can see the love and care is still right there.

Meanwhile folks from Lakeville were busy scorching the Earth with makeshift, ersatz Swastikas on the golf course, all aimed at a certain black man named Barack Obama. Query, was this the same set of walking scum who hurt Mr. Hyman and his friends and family?

Anyway, the only people you beat up on in front of a Jury are unsympathetic people like bad cops, never a nice, intelligent attractive female teacher, wow. That's trial tactics 101, duh. Let me show you how it's done, at 3:40 in this video from the Dan Talbot Revere police murder trial series. Here we were preparing for a Jury view of the "High Crime Area" which was really Michael Isreal's mother's Civic Award-winning garden. What a crock of dookie, spread thicker than the shit stains spread on Scott Hyman's door handles. That cop, McFadden, actually provided bad testimony that helped send Allen E. Thrower to Death Row for a while..... but I couldn't bring that in. Anyway, ain't it funny how you see a hater get desperate and irrational under pressure?

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