Thursday, June 17, 2010

KingCast tells Ramiro, "Eat shit and die dude" as Inmates secure $1.5M for urinating and defecating in cups.

Here's the case, only a little blurb in of course. So this guy actually had the nerve to say things like "If I ran a prison they would have to sh*t in their hands," or words of similar import, etc. etc.

Dude you are acting in the manner of a Big Media pawn, put there to be nothing more than a gate keeper because of your influence. People like you encourage people to abdicate their Civil Liberties at the drop of a hat, or worse yet, not to think about them in the first place. As a former AAG who has represented and sued LE, and as a journalist who has run video at trials back in the '90's and recently here in Boston (Dan Talbot police murder trial) I implore you to THINK before you shoot your mouth off like that, bro.

People in prison don't cease to be human just because they are convicted of committing a crime. Some of them are not even guilty in the first place, what would you do if that sh*t happened to you, huh? What do you say to them, "too bad so sad hard cheese, shit in your hands, dude." Further, many of them are indeed capable of rehabilitation, which is -- the last time I checked -- part of the penal system, at least allegedly. But guess what? If you keep people in an environment that is intentionally indifferent to humane treatment you may scare a few of them straight, but you will permanently damage all of them, and encourage more of them to come out as angry, vengeful people.

Given your attitude I would imagine you probably think it's okay for the DOC, the historically racist Boston Herald (remember Boone the Coon?) and Channel 7 to fabricate lies about Darrell Jones, Joanna Marinova and State Rep. Gloria Fox. Well I call bullsh*t on that, and so too does Todd & Weld, hence the Defamation Lawsuit that I predicted on my radio show months ago. But if you want to be like Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair, be my guest, I'll just sit back and document it.

Meanwhile did you know the Commonwealth spent $57,948.07 on the Harshbargar Report (per 9 June 2010 response to my Public Information Request) only to ignore its entire essence? Do you know who Guru's (RIP) father is and how he tried for meaningful reform in the DOC? I'll school you right here, son.

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