Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KingCast exclusive: Hyman v. Hemlock Motion for New Trial pleadings from Defendant and Plaintiff in historic $1.7M anti-semitic Verdict.

Sooooo.....Despite the unanimous Verdict, the Defendants are pressing on. What's so funny is that if you follow their legal arguments to a logical conclusion, testimony about the Swastikas and damage to the properties of Scott Hyman and Don and Julie Prescott should not have been admitted, but yet it was admitted and without objection. Therefore if the Court rejects the Defendant's Motion for New Trial and for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict (JNOV), then the Hemlock Association has one helluva' legal malpractice case against its counsel, Superlawyer Richard Serkey.

Serkey declined my interview but the Plaintiff's attorneys did not.

And you better believe I know a little something about legal malpractice in Boston, just ask another area Superlawyer, Jeffrey Denner or Kevin Barron, they settled up when I came around with the KingCast coverage, you betcha.

Or the Harvard Citizen Media blog, they said I was correct about the Unconstitutional nature of Denner, Barron and the Court's First Amendment suppression and oppression against Derrick Gillenwater.

Here's a great post about this case, with some Affidavits.
Here's the seminal post.
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