Sunday, July 4, 2010

KingCast returns to the shady Revere Dan Talbot murder trial as liar Michael Picardi & Derek Lodie stand trial for another (attempted) murder.

East Boston Kid wrote me on the John McEnroe video post to say:
Dear Chris please keep your eyes and ears on this case. This is going to spin you around.Mike p. could not tell the truth if his life was on the line.He told all lies in the Talbot case and is nothing but a freaking junk bag. these are the kind of scum bags the state has to use for convictions.lil Bobby should be coming home soon.picardi not being charged in the talbot case was chalked up to a prosecutorial dicision. wow how can the state let this mike p word put bobby and jimmy in jail.this was kept for the jury a long with mike racca's profer. wow i'm in shock the state got away with this.

In return, I wrote:

Word. I blogged this on 28 May 2010. Here's the Revere Journal piece by my buddy Seth Daniel.

28 May 2010
KingCast asks, "Did Dan Conley and the Jury wrongfully convict Robert Iacoviello for the murder of Revere Officer Dan Talbot?"

As to Wimbledon I may have to twist up another one of these concoctions, that's a pepperoni and blue cheese-stuffed olive nested in a pepperoncini. I'm calling Berdych and his sick forehand in 4, a prediction issued with absolutely no certainty :)

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