Saturday, July 17, 2010

KingCast sees Chris Micklovich go free as predicted; time to school a tool.

Fokken CASE DISMISSED (911 calls here) just as with Jason Vassell.

Some dumb bunny jackass wrote in to my last post and I wrote him back thusly:

"Well asshole, the comment moderation prevents spam. What you write is less useful than spam but I publish you each and every time you open your stupid jackass mouth.

To wit, Jason Vassell was not guilty of anything, or did you somehow miss that?

Watch the KingCast movie just in case.

As to your other predictions, are you the same tool who predicted passage of SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway for Kelly Ayotte's favorite jackass bully cop? We see w'happened there after my testimony and that of lawmakers and the general public, LOL buddy.

And that other jackass cop, a black Bruce McKay, died recently so now he can't go 'round giving bruises to white wimminz in North Country, ahem.

As I said, Ayotte could very well win, but it's certainly not guaranteed, and if she does win it will be a travesty of Justice, which is what she's known for.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Looks like the other jackass cops who beat down Christopher Micklovich got some 'splaining to do, see, 'cos he -- like Jason Vassell -- is having his criminal charges DISMISSED.

Take that and shove it up your flatulent First Amendment windpipe, dork."

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