Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More news on my street: KingCast raps with NECN's Jennifer Eagan about the heat.

Soooo.... You know, here at KingCast weather is not typically a news item. But when it starts to affect the quality of life and there are power outages, it does become newsworthy, so I responded to Ms. Eagan's request for a quick interview this morning. Here's the NECN online story.

It was a busy day on the block, in 24-hour Spike Lee style we had a fire (KingCast video) simmering manhole covers and power outages all night, I slept on the porch for some of this, as noted in the upcoming interview and related KingCast footage, short film later this a.m. or early afternoon.

PS: They said they will be here all day, so I told them where to get lunch, at DJ's European Deli!

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