Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KingCast visits Martha Coakley & DOC/EOPSS offices to discuss Mary Beth Heffernan's correspondence with Joanna Marinova in CORI leak/Defamation case.

Looks like the Boston Herald and Channel 7 Defense attorneys (Brown, Rudnick & Choate, Hall) have gone on the proverbial fishing expedition, issuing subpoenas to the DOC/EOPSS offices. EOPSS IT/Communications Director Terrel Harris didn't say which side issued the subpoenas, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been Ms. Marinova's attorneys (Todd & Weld) because they already know the Truth.

And the Truth is, Byron Barnett and Jessica Van Sack and their respective employers are about to get their asses handed to them. Aside: What if Reporter Van Sack wrote a True and Accurate story but her editors got to it and massaged it a bit? Job security for her if she keeps her mouth shut, yah. Here's the Beat the Press story.

This is a follow up to yesterday's post, showing my public information request to Attorney General Martha Coakley. You can hear me start talking with Mr. Harris at the beginning but I didn't run video during that interview, we had a 85% cordial and 100% professional exchange. Suffice it to say he understands why Joanna Marinova (and the rest of the Free World) needs to know what actions were taken in response to the information that Ms. Marinova forwarded to Secretary Heffernan at her request.
"You can't just solicit information and then not holler back to say what you're doing after you get it," I told him..... "We need to know what changes and actions were taken with respect to 1) the issues raised by Ms. Marinova in her correspondence to Ms. Heffernan and 2) what have you done to address the unauthorized CORI leak, which I believe is a criminal offense."

When I was an AAG in the Employment Services Section, we would have made certain that the individual responsible for that was disciplined, up to and including termination, with no Unemployment Benefits., and that's a fact, Jack.

An attorney from this office did previously take the time to gather information I requested on the Harsbarger prison reform study ($57,948.07 take a look) so I hope to receive a reasonable output of information this go around as well. I will drop a copy of this blog post off with the office later today or tomorrow to make it a concrete, written request per MGL 66 § 10.

One day I may ask Judge Harry Elam (a/k/a) Guru's father (RIP) about his efforts at reform. Read more about that here.

KingCast video short forthcoming, hopefully by 1p. Funny thing is, I rode the elevator up with Ms. Heffernan, she stood right next to me while I was getting my camera out, what a hoot.

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