Saturday, August 21, 2010

KingCast Weekend Update: Derek Lodie, Cat Gibbons, Scott Hyman, Joanna Marinova, Darrell Jones, American Tower and more!

Derek Lodie: Let's start with the Revere Journal (again) using KingCast courtroom clips to complete its coverage of the Derek Lodie Attempted Murder Plea Agreement fiasco. Lodie, if you recall, is best pals with a proved liar named Michael Picardi and together they framed an innocent man in this recent case, which occurred 3 days prior to the tragic death of Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot. Here's the KingCast coverage mit video.
Fact: If Revere PD had done its job properly and arrested these two knuckleheads, Dan Talbot would be alive today.
Fact: Revere Police Officer Billy Soto put the gun blast in Derek Lodie's hands.

Cat Gibbons & Miracle Mortgage: After a year of wrangling in which Martha Coakley's minions at the Division of Banks (DOB) vowed to permanently revoke her license (I have it on video) the Division has now pretty much wrapped up an Agreement that enables Ms. Gibbons to apply for her Loan Originator's License immediately, and her Broker's License shortly thereafter, as I predicted in May. Gibbons was one of the only black female mortgage brokers in Massachusetts, and the DOB had set her up as a scapegoat for making Stated Income Deals.
Fact: Miracle Mortgage Stated Deals put no one at risk, there were no foreclosures and no complaints.
Fact: Everyone did Stated Income Deals, I closed many of them for my Caucasian bosses.
Fact: The DOB ignored Cat Gibbons' Complaint against Fidelity Guarantee for unscrupulous, false and deceptive practices even though Vermont had already revoked their license.
Fact: The only difference is that I referred Ms. Gibbons to one of the lawyers in the KingCast network, along with KingCast cameras and blogging, with notice that I was going to testify at a hearing about the ubiquitous nature of Stated Deals. The entire attack on her was arbitrary and capricious, and smacks of institutional racism. Watch the video:

Scott Hyman et al. v. Hemlock Association: The case is still with Judge Cosgrove on the Defendant's requested relief for a New Trial and for JNOV -- but as I noted herein, counsel for Defendant might be facing a class action malpractice lawsuit if things don't go his way. Watch the video:

Joanna Marinova: Now that I made her story more public, and targeted it toward First Amendment lawyers and got her a great lawyer, this Defamation Plaintiff is about to seriously whup the Boston Herald and Channel 7's ever-loving asses when the facts hit the fan. I made a video about her earnest efforts at prison reform from a Mattapan Library Press Pass TV screening of "Voices Behind the Wall" and "Mr. President" and made a related visit to the Attorney General and Department of Corrections/EOPSS offices, watch the related videos:

Darrell Jones: Elected as official inmate spokesperson, a position the State keeps trying to eliminate but they can't because the Grantor who funded the prison expressly demanded such a position be created and maintained. I believe Darrell Jones was wrongly convicted, and he has been magnificent throughout the years as a strong proponent of prison reform, which is exactly what they don't want. Here's Mr. Jones and me (sorry, no Counting Crows reference intended) at his Facebook page.

American Tower: Someone very familiar with the wireless industry wrote me today to note that s/he had watched my ATC video, and asked me to join forces with them on another project. That's all I have to publicly offer about that, but in the comments section I will leave you with with my comment to this employment law/FLSA thread about how my letter to the Department of Labor forced a $300K settlement with American Tower, whom CNN described as "sneaky" as noted: Read my letter to then-Chairman Steve Dodge. So funny you can see my 10th floor office window in the picture above. Watch the "American Lawyer" video at

The Rolling Stones: Still kick ass.

Garden-inspired Tequila drinks: Still kick ass. Reel News for Real People -- even before I was a Daily Reporter with the Indianapolis Star. I've got an email tip jar full of video requests, some for fun and some for courtroom activity and government corruption so stay tuned, it is going to be a wild couple of weeks. My good friend Quiet Man is going to be absolutely thrilled with the heightened level of Hijinks.

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